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Bladder Control

Male Incontinence:
livingroom240Millions of people suffer from bladder control problems, so you are not alone. Bladder incontinence is the unintentional loss of urine and may occur many different ways. With men, Urinary Incontinence is often related to a medical problem or treatment that involved:
• Enlarged prostate
• Prostate removal
• Infections or medications
• Diseases
• Urethral strictures
• Pelvic trauma
• Spinal cord damage
• Multiple sclerosis
• Neurological disorders

Types of incontinence include:
Stress Incontinence-The accidental release of urine when pressure is applied to the bladder, such as when you cough, laugh or sneeze. This is the most common type of incontinence.

Urge Incontinence- When your bladder contracts at the wrong time giving you the feeling that you have to urinate even if you just went.

Overflow Incontinence- Leaking when the bladder doesn’t empty properly. The can be due to other medical conditions such as a narrowing of the urethra or enlarged prostate.

Total Incontinence- Continual leakage

Mixed Incontinence- A combination of Incontinence that can be difficult to diagnose since one may mask the other.

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